Spot On!

Over the past few years, Lynn has taken many dogs in her rescue. Going through a lot of struggles to find the best-suited home for them, Lynn begins to wonder how the story starts — how can she save all of them. Even after giving homes to a lot of dogs, the stream of suffering dogs appears endless. Seized by the need to act, Lynn join hand with her best friend to import distressed dogs from China and Turkey to provide them a suitable shelter for them. What she discovers further breaks her heart and compels her to shares her story in the hope of changing this world.

In this book, Lynn shares stories of the amazing dogs that she has rescued and brought to loving families after dealing with the most notorious dog traffickers in the USA. This book offers invaluable guidance and wisdom for anyone who feels for these innocent fur babies. It is a heartwarming story of the man-and-dog team behind the rescues of the helpless dogs. The work was not easy at all. But through it all, Lynn shares an enduring and affectionate bond with other characters in the story, which is more than a working relationship. Lynn becomes Sherlock for the missing animals inside Austin.

This book is a soulful tribute to abandoned dogs of all breeds and will appeal to every animal lover around the globe. The author has tried to recreate events, locales, and conversations using her creative flair. It’s about finding your own way to light a candle instead of sitting inside the darkness. We have rescued a number of dogs together, and we hope to change the landscape of rescue with this book forever.