Spot-on: Canines on a Cruise

They say that a dog is among the most loyal animals on earth and a man’s best friend too! Well, it wouldn’t hurt to have one or maybe two fur babies, right? “Spot-on: Canines on a Cruise” is a remarkable novel written by Carolynn Tucciarone which portrays the amazing life of a loving couple that owns a dog rescue in Austin, Texas. From rescuing bull terriers from a ditch to nurturing all injured and abandoned dogs, the couple takes on another challenge of rescuing abandoned fur babies in South Korea.
They embark upon their journey and narrate the experience of their lifetime word by word. From China to Mexico and Seoul in South Korea, they then had a successful canines on a cruise!
Step inside their shoes and take part in their adventure-filled journey in “Spot-on: Canines on a Cruise!”